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Bioplasma Bodies - Emission of Radiation and Plasma via Vortex Systems

By Jay Alfred

Emission of Energetic Jets from Subtle Bioplasma Bodies

The absorption of charged energetic particles by plasma vortexes (or chakras) within the subtle bioplasma body has been discussed in the author's article Bioplasma Bodies: Formation of Plasma Vortexes and Nodes along the Spine (Absorptive State). These vortex or chakra systems have also been known to emit beams or jets of particles and electromagnetic waves.

Scientific researchers at Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, using sophisticated scientific equipment, have shown that subtle energy has the properties of an electromagnetic current when flowing through acupuncture meridians but takes on the properties of coherent particle streams, similar to laser light, when projected out from the body through the hands of master Qigong healers who cure diseases by beaming their energy into the patient's body. There are important vortexes (chakras or acupoints) on the palms of the hands. Jets or directed beams of light have been seen in photographs taken during events where subtle energetic practices take place (for example: Reiki, Qigong and Christian "Praise and Worship"). There are also Hindu, Taoist, Buddhist and Christian images showing jets of light issuing-out from the palms of saints or deities. One of the seers of the Fatima apparitions of "Mary" in 1919, "Lucia", revealed that during one of the apparitions, "Mary" opened her hands and "rays of light" issued from them.

Jets may also be issued from other chakras or acupoints - for example from the heart chakra. For example, when "Jesus" appeared to Saint Faustina in 1931, two beams of light issued from the area where the heart is located - one beam was blue and the other was red. Interestingly, some jet formations in cosmic objects such as galaxies also show two beams of light - one blue and the other red!

Emission of Energetic Jets in Space

From the surface of the sun to the violent cores of quasars, many astrophysical objects shoot plasma in sharply defined streams, guided by magnetic fields. We know that active galactic nuclei in space emit energetic jets. As far back as 1918, astronomer H D Curtis noticed a jet from the centre of the galaxy M87, describing it as a "curious straight ray" emanating from the galaxy. Taking the form of a huge flashlight beam in space, a jet of electrons and protons traveling at near the speed of light can be seen in NASA's image of the galaxy. The jet is a highly collimated plasma beam (i.e. like coherent laser light). Energetic astrophysical jets, with velocities approaching the speed of light, are seen on a variety of scales emerging from active galactic nuclei and young stars. These cosmic jets are remarkably similar in appearance to jets issued out of bioplasma bodies as seen in religious images. Are the physics of both similar?

Acceleration of Plasma and Plasma Thrusters

The acceleration of charged particles to very high energies is of interest in the study of both cosmic rays and of hot plasma. Basically, such acceleration requires an electric field. It is known that if charged particles are subjected to an electric field which is perpendicular to a magnetic field, they will be subjected to a force or thrust perpendicular to both fields. This force is called the "Lorentz force". The streamwise momentum acquired by the charged particles is transmitted to the other particles through collisions to obtain a continuous acceleration of particles.

The Plasma Focus Device and Plasma Gun

The coaxial plasma accelerator is a simple device that utilizes the Lorentz force to accelerate plasma to very high velocities. The "plasma focus device" is one type of coaxial plasma accelerator where the plasma is accelerated between two cylindrical coaxial electrodes. The inner and outer electrodes are electrically insulated and the space between the electrodes is filled with plasma. A bank of electrical capacitors is used to provide a sudden burst of power to the system.

Once the plasma leaves the electrodes it is transformed into a characteristic structure that resembles the shape of an open umbrella within which the electric current propagates. This current generates a magnetic field, which compresses the plasma into a very dense, lineal formation, called a plasma focus. The dense plasma focus rapidly "pinches", undergoes instabilities and breaks up - becoming a multi-radiation source for intense electromagnetic waves and particle bursts.

The plasma focus device therefore produces, by electromagnetic acceleration and compression, a short-lived magnetically-confined, hot spot or plasmoid (i.e. the plasma focus) that is so hot and dense that it becomes a copious multi-radiation source. These plasmoids emit intense beams of accelerated ions and electrons. The plasma focus device is similar to the plasma gun which is a magnetically driven shock tube that ejects plasma in the form of a plasmoid, without pinching it. The plasma gun is the real-life equivalent of the "ray gun" often seen in science fiction movies.

The Chakra System acting as a Plasma Focus Device

It appears that active energetic chakras can operate as plasma focus devices.

It was noted in the author's article (cited above) that the vortexes on the surface of the bioplasma body are connected to nodes along the central vertical channels by flux tubes. Like the central vertical channels, these flux tubes have the geometry of coaxial cables with helical currents twining around (straight) axial currents. Each coaxial flux tube consists of a helical current which represents the anode (or cathode) twined around the cathode (or anode) and is immersed in the plasma within the bioplasma body.

There will be two coaxial or pairs of helical-axial currents in a bioplasma body where the kundalini current is also activated, together with the pranic current. This means that there will be two areas in the chakra where collimated beams of light can be issued by individuals who have developed their kundalini channels. A close look at the image of "Jesus" in the Saint Faustina's apparition shows two beams of light issuing out of the usual location of the heart chakra.

The plasma focus device is powered by banks of capacitors. In electrical circuits, capacitors store electrical energy which can be discharged or released in an instant. It has already been discussed and noted in the author's article Spontaneous Human Combustion and Electrical Discharges in the Subtle Body that bioplasma bodies contain capacitors within them.

Plasma focus devices are therefore already embedded in bioplasma bodies, with the sites of chakras acting as delivery systems of intense collimated beams of energetic particles that are seen in many religious depictions of deities. The similarities in the image when we look down the barrel of the dense plasma focus device and the image of the throat chakra as depicted by Leadbeater are obvious.


Active galactic nuclei and highly energetic active chakras in an emissive state operate in a similar way to the dense "plasma focus device" that allows them to issue-out collimated beams of energetic particles.

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Jay Alfred is the author of three books on a new field called "plasma metaphysics". The books include Our Invisible Bodies, Brains and Realities and Between the Moon and Earth. Plasma metaphysics is the application of plasma and dark matter physics to the study of our high energy subtle bodies and their corresponding environments. These bodies include the "bioplasma" bodies and "astral" bodies found in the metaphysical literature. Plasma metaphysics provides an internally consistent framework for the study of these bodies against the backdrop of modern physics. The books are available at Amazon online bookstores.

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Bioplasma Bodies - The Ovoid or the Body's Magnetosphere

By Jay Alfred

The Earth's Magnetosphere

Our planet sits at the heart of a magnetic plasma bubble, which occupies a volume at least a thousand times greater than the planet itself. Earth's magnetosphere is an extension into space of the familiar magnetic field that causes compass needles to point North. Earth's magnetic field is generated by currents in its iron-rich core. The Sun blasts out charged particles in the form of plasma. These particles are deflected or are slowed down and spiral around the magnetic field lines of our planet when they reach Earth's magnetosphere.

The magnetosphere protects us from harmful radiation from the Sun and other sources in space and also from potentially deadly solar flares and ejections. Without it, Earth might be as barren as Mars or the Moon, both of which do not have magnetospheres. However, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all have extensive magnetospheres. Each magnetosphere has a tear-drop shape, like the Earth's, caused by the solar wind impacting on them. If you could see the magnetosphere from space, Earth would look like a comet with a long tail. Each of these giant planets has a magnetosphere that is much larger than the Earth's. Jupiter has the largest magnetosphere in the Solar System - larger than even the visible Sun. If the Jovian magnetosphere was visible from Earth, it would be bigger than the Moon in the night sky.

The Bioplasma Body's Magnetosphere

It is well-known in general metaphysics that the (relatively) dense bioplasma body sits inside an ovoid which is enclosed by a sheath. This ovoid is equivalent to the magnetosphere and the atmosphere around the Earth. It protects the dense bioplasma body from unwanted radiation, just as the Earth's magnetosphere protects the physical-dense Earth from harmful solar radiation. The ovoid contains low density magnetic plasma and the field lines of the primary dipolar magnetic field generated by the central vertical currents within the bioplasma body (see the author's article on Bioplasma Bodies - Formation of the Central Pranic and Kundalini Currents) are trapped within the ovoid and move with it. Earth's magnetosphere (which encompasses Earth's dipolar magnetic field), similarly, co-rotates with the Earth.

According to plasma metaphysics, there are (supersymmetric) counterpart parallel Earths which are called magmaspheres (or magnetic plasma spheres) because they are believed to be composed of collisionless magnetic plasma - much like Earth's magnetosphere. The "micro-magnetosphere" or the ovoid around a bioplasma body keeps it protected from radiation and other electromagnetic intrusions that are present within the magmasphere or the "macro-magnetosphere".

Nature has provided a protective plasma bubble for the bioplasma body – which has evolved together with our physical-biomolecular body. According to a New Scientist journal report "Plasma bubble could protect astronauts on Mars trip" in July 2006, researchers at the University of Washington, Seattle, US, are in fact only now "seriously considering using a bubble of plasma to shield astronauts from radiation during long journeys through space".

Acupuncture Meridians External to the Body

The field lines of the primary dipolar magnetic field generated by the central vertical channels extend beyond the head of the bioplasma body; curves outwards and joins the bioplasma body at the bottom. Hence, a significant portion of the field lines is actually outside the bioplasma body. However, they are generally confined within the ovoid – since the field lines move with the plasma. In other words, Chinese acupuncture meridians actually extend outside the body. Currently, only those blockages within the bioplasma body (which is coincident with the physical-biomolecular body) are addressed during acupuncture. Acupuncture medicine should perhaps also consider blockages in energy flows arising from outside the immediate proximity of the dense bodies (but still within the ovoid).

Sheath, Shell, Membrane around Ovoid

There is a plasma sheath (known as an "auric sheath" or "auric shell" in general metaphysics) enclosing the ovoid.

"The outer edge [of the egg form] actually looks like an eggshell to me; it appears to have a thickness of about a quarter to a half inch. It is strong and resilient, resistant to penetration and protects the field." - Barbara Brennan

According to plasma physics, magnetic plasma has a natural tendency to form (double-layered) electrified sheaths, separating plasma of different physical properties. Many metaphysicists report that the ovoid is wrapped by a membrane or a sheath. Surface currents on the shell or sheath separate the magma ovoid from the surrounding magma environment. The sheath acts as a protective electromagnetic shield whose strength and polarity can be adjusted by an act of will by the owner of the body, using focused visualizations and other techniques common in meditation. This offers protection against electromagnetic and other intrusions. (There is nothing unusual in this, for example, with respect to our physical-biomolecuar bodies, we can breathe faster or exert more muscle power by sending thoughts, which are essentially electrochemical messages, to our brains.)

Stuck Inside the Earth's Magmaspheres and Magnetospheres

The magmasphere, external to the ovoid in which bioplasma bodies reside, is in fact a magnetosphere. These magmaspheres of Earth (composed of dark plasma) form concentric spheres around the physical-dense Earth; and are thought to harbor the common heavens and hells. The physical and dark matter counterparts share the same gravitational field.

According to Leadbeater, the astral magmasphere surrounding and interpenetrating the physical Earth extends to a little less than the average distance of the Moon to the Earth. This means that it will extend beyond the lunar orbit when the moon is at perigee (i.e. nearest to the Earth). According to scientists, the Earth's magnetosphere has a long tail which extends far beyond the lunar orbit.

Experimental metaphysicist Robert Monroe says that the relationship between the etheric double and electromagnetic fields is quite significant. In one experiment he was in a charged Faraday cage. He got out of the physical-biomolecular body without much difficulty but when he attempted to move through the cage in his physical-etheric double he seemed to be entangled in a large bag made of flexible wire which effectively acted as an invisible electromagnetic barrier. When he tried to push through the bag he could not go through it. He says he struggled like a trapped animal in a snare and finally went back to the physical-biomolecular body. According to Monroe, it was evidently not the wire itself, but the electrical field pattern set up in fundamentally the same shape as the cage, that restricted him. He suggested that maybe this could be the basis for an electromagnetic "ghost catcher"!

This would, in fact, be possible for a vast number of ghosts. As pointed out by plasma metaphysics, most ghosts that human beings encounter on the surface of the Earth are physical-etheric ghosts. These types of ghosts can become trapped within or near electrical installations.

In the physical-etheric body, being inside Earth's magnetosphere would be very much like being within a charged Faraday cage. The magnetopause which forms the boundary of the magnetosphere behaves like the sides of the cage. Anyone from the surface of the Earth who wanted to travel beyond the Earth's magnetosphere in his physical-etheric double would then find it extremely difficult to go beyond. This may account for Leadbeater's estimate of the extent of the "astral" magmasphere to be the average distance between the Moon and the Earth. The astral magmasphere is sometimes mistaken for the physical-etheric magmasphere. Based on the similarity between the ranges (i.e. scientists' estimate of the extent of the magnetosphere versus Leadbeater's estimate of the extent of the "astral" magmasphere), it appears that the Earth's physical magnetosphere and the metaphysicists' physical-etheric world is co-terminus.

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Jay Alfred is the author of three books on a new field called "plasma metaphysics". The books include Our Invisible Bodies, Brains and Realities and Between the Moon and Earth. Plasma metaphysics is the application of plasma and dark matter physics to the study of our high energy subtle bodies and their corresponding environments. These bodies include the "bioplasma" bodies and "astral" bodies found in the metaphysical literature. Plasma metaphysics provides an internally consistent framework for the study of these bodies against the backdrop of modern physics. The books are available at Amazon online bookstores.

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Bioplasma Bodies - Formation of the Central Pranic and Kundalini Currents

By Jay Alfred

"Astronomers say they have discovered a giant magnetic field that is coiled like a snake around a rod-shaped gas cloud in the constellation Orion."

- Ker Than, Space 'Slinky' Confirms Theory with a Twist

The helical shape of the magnetic field around the gas cloud in the constellation Orion is believed to be caused by matter in the interstellar cloud moving in a straight line along the length of the filament. When this happens, it causes the magnetic field around the cloud to spiral around in a corkscrew pattern. The researchers were able to detect this spiral shape using the Green Bank Telescope, a radio observatory in Virginia. When helical magnetic fields form in plasma, charged particles move along the field lines generating helical currents. This is an image of actual currents in a double helix formation in space:

Kundalini is a Sanskrit term meaning either "coiled up" or "coiling like a snake". It is derived from the term kundala, which means a "ring" or "coil". Kundalini energy has often been depicted in ancient drawings as a serpent coiled around the back part of the root chakra in three and a half turns (comparable to a solenoid or a compressed helical current) around the sacrum. The phenomenon of "kundalini awakening" gives rise to the bio-energetic phenomena experienced by meditators. The intensified energy is supposed to originate from an apparent reservoir of subtle bio-energy at the base of the spine.

The central vertical currents in the subtle body (described as Ida, Pingala and Sushumna in the yoga literature) are often depicted in the metaphysical (particularly the yoga) literature as a pair of mutually entangled helical currents with straight currents passing through them. They appear in a familiar structure which resembles the caduceus symbol found in medical literature.

Mutually entangled (double spirals) currents are frequently seen in space and laboratory plasmas. This shows that there is a strong connection between plasma dynamics and the formation of the central kundalini and pranic currents in the (supersymmetric) bioplasma body as described by plasma metaphysics. Helical structures can also be found in dusty (or complex) plasma. This article will describe the processes from the viewpoint of plasma metaphysics as to how this structure forms within the bioplasma body, which is composed of complex plasma. According to plasma metaphysics, a series of (dark) bioplasma bodies are coupled to our carbon-based body. These bioplasma bodies can exist independently of the carbon-based body (except for the lower physical-etheric body which is strongly coupled to the carbon-based body).

Absorption and Self-Organization of Particles within the Bioplasma Body

Kundalini and prana particles are considered super(symmetric) particles in plasma metaphysics. The light prana particles are often said to originate from the Sun while heavy kundalini particles are often said to originate from the (fiery) core of the Earth. These two types of particles form plasmas with different characteristics. Plasmas with different characteristics (in this case different densities and temperatures) has a tendency to self-organize into "cells" with double-layers around themselves. Hence, as kundalini and prana particles are absorbed into the bioplasma bodies (via the plasma vortexes or chakras) they self-organize into pools (or reservoirs) of kundalini and prana particles.

In Chinese Qigong studies, qi is said to accumulate in specific areas – identified as "qi vessels" (also sometimes called "qi reservoirs"). There are eight of these qi vessels; four of the most important vessels lie within the torso – including two at the lower abdominal region. These vessels act like the capacitors in electrical circuits which store electrical charge, according to Dr Yang Jwing-Ming – an authority on Qigong. From the perspective of plasma metaphysics, these vessels are plasma cells containing different types of plasma with double layers around them which act like capacitors.

Plasma metaphysics observes that the center of the bioplasma body (coinciding somewhat with the lower abdomen of the biomolecular body) contains a pool of the highest density charged magnetic plasma composed of heavy particles (this plasma can be identified as kundalini-type particles and 'Earth qi'). In Chinese Qigong this area, just below the navel, is frequently referred to as the "cauldron". It is separated from a pool of lower density magnetic plasma of an opposite charge (or polarity) near the head composed of light particles (this plasma can be identified loosely with ‘prana-like’ particles and 'Heaven qi'). An electric field develops in the bioplasma body due to the separation (or polarization) of the plasma and double layers form. (The thermal potential contributes to this polarization.) V N Tsytovich and his colleagues demonstrated, using a computer model of molecular dynamics, that particles in a plasma can undergo self-organization as electric charges become separated and the plasma becomes polarized.

Formation of Double Layers

A double layer is a structure in plasma that consists of two parallel electrostatic layers with opposite electrical charge. The two sheets of charge cause a strong electric field and a correspondingly abrupt change in voltage (or electrical potential) across the double layer. Various types of instabilities may occur with double layers in the laboratory and in space, often arising due to the formation of beams of ions and electrons.

The production of a double layer requires regions with a significant excess of positive or negative charge, that is, where the quasi-neutrality of the plasma is violated. MHD (i.e. Magneto-hydrodynamics) theory does not include the possibility of parallel electric fields while observations of accelerated particles suggest their existence. In general, quasi-neutrality can only be violated on scales of the order of the Debye length. The thickness of a double layer is of the order of ten Debye lengths, which is a few centimeters in the ionosphere, a few tens of meters in the interplanetary medium, and tens of kilometers in the intergalactic medium. We would therefore expect to see only thin double layers within bioplasma bodies.

Formation of Straight and Helical Pranic Currents within the Bioplasma Body

As a result of the formation of an electric field or potential, within the bioplasma body, a straight (or axial) current carrying the lighter charged particles develop initially. This current generates magnetic fields around itself. Based on basic electromagnetics we know that these magnetic fields will be in the form of circular loops around the straight current. These are often described as circular 'azimuthal' magnetic fields around straight 'axial' currents.

For plasmas immersed in strong magnetic fields, electric currents tend to flow along the magnetic field lines, which act like wires guiding the current. Charged particles entering the ovoid therefore then flow around the azimuthal magnetic field which approximates a tightly wound (i.e. where the turns are close to each other) solenoid. This causes a dipole magnetic field to form, aligned with the axial current and extending outwards at the north and south poles. Along the central currents, the magnetic field lines are relatively straight and uniform.

The application of an axial magnetic field on the azimuthal magnetic field produces magnetic shear and transforms the azimuthal magnetic field into a helical one. As electric charges stream along the helical field lines, a helical current develops. This situation, where a helical current follows a helical magnetic field, is called a "force-free" configuration. The field-aligned current is called a Birkeland current. The density of the Lorentz force j × B generated by Birkeland currents is zero. Although the magnetic field is not in the lowest energy state possible (the vacuum state), it is in a local minimum energy state and so represents a stable equilibrium.

Formation of Straight and Helical Kundalini Currents within the Bioplasma Body

The kundalini current does not develop as rapidly as the pranic current as kundalini consists of heavier, more massive, particles which are more difficult to accelerate. (The "three and a half turns" at the base of the spine, often cited in the yoga literature, suggests a retarded development of the current.) Hence, it is only when the electric field is amplified that sufficient potential is generated to move these particles. The electrical potential can be amplified through certain meditative practices. When the potential reaches a certain threshold, an axial current will ensue followed by a helical current which will develop in a process similar to the development of the pranic currents. As the kundalini current develops from the base of the spine it will be guided by the helical magnetic field lines and would be seen to be slowly rising by twining around the existing axial current in a spiral. Metaphysicist G S Arundale tells us that "kundala represents a coil, spiral or ring, which expresses the way the inner fire unfolds". In other words, it describes the spiral or helical path that kundalini particles take as they rise from the base of the spine and twirl around the axial current, guided by the helical magnetic field generated by the axial current. According to experimental metaphysicist Charles Leadbeater, the course through which (kundalini) ought to move is spiral. This field-aligned current of kundalini particles is a Birkeland current.

Plasma Dynamics between Pranic and Kundalini Currents

The potential drop across the double layer will accelerate the charged prana and kundalini particles in opposite directions. (Barbara Brennan has observed a vertical flow of energy that pulsates up and down the center of the body. She calls it "the vertical power current".) The magnitude of the potential drop determines the acceleration of the charged particles. In strong double layers, this will result in beams or jets of charged particles. In the end, the electric field builds up until the fluxes of particles in either direction are equal, and further charge build up in the two plasmas would be prevented if the system was isolated. However, due to fresh intakes of prana and kundalini particles (via the plasma vortexes or chakras) the process continues within the (living) bioplasma body. (Meditative practices sometimes force the kundalini particles back in the opposite direction towards the direction of the pool of kundalini particles which causes disequilibrium. The reverse path is more difficult because the kundalini current will be repelled by the pool of kundalini particles, with the same charge, at the base of the spine.)

The kundalini axial and helical currents together make up the kundalini composite current. The pranic axial and helical currents together make up the pranic composite current. The kundalini composite current is opposite in polarity to the pranic composite current. This would result in a configuration that would be equivalent to a configuration where both composite currents were carrying particles of the same polarity in the same direction. According to Biot-Savart law, the composite currents would therefore exert a magnetic force attracting each other so that the two axial currents come closer together. They will attract each other even at close distances because of their different polarities - unlike the situation where currents of the same polarity are flowing in the same direction. In the latter case, the currents attract when further apart (because of the magnetic force) but repel each other at close distances (due to the electric charge). The helical components of the composite currents, being attracted to each other, then twine around the axial currents like two snakes wrapped around a tree trunk (the "trunk" being represented by the axial currents which form a flux tube).


As the helical currents transport charged particles in plasma, they will glow like bright twisted snake-like fluorescent lamps twined around a bright axial flux tube. Leadbeater says that kundalini is "luminous as lightning". When kundalini or prana particles are accelerated during meditative practices, (super) electromagnetic waves are radiated and heat is generated. The identification of a signature feature in magnetic plasma (i.e. the helical pinch) in models of the subtle bodies in the metaphysical literature establishes further that subtle bodies are in fact composed of magnetic plasma - more specifically, a magnetic plasma of high energy particles, including the predicted super(symmetric) particles.

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Jay Alfred is the author of three books on a new field called "plasma metaphysics". The books include Our Invisible Bodies, Brains and Realities and Between the Moon and Earth.

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Bioplasma Bodies - Formation of Plasma Vortexes and Nodes Along the Spine (Absorptive State)

By Jay Alfred

Formation of Polar Vortexes

It was noted in the author's article Bioplasma Bodies: Formation of the Central Pranic and Kundalini Currents that the helical currents generate an axial magnetic field which is aligned with the spine. This axial magnetic field is really the "straight" part of a dipole magnetic field. For convenience, we will designate the location of the "North" pole of this magnetic field to above the human head and the "South" pole below the groin. The magnetic flux lines of this magnetic field will flare outwards at the North pole, circle the bioplasma body and enter the South pole. Within the bioplasma body, the field lines from the South pole will move upwards towards the North pole. The part of the magnetic field that is within the bioplasma body is fairly straight and uniform. The polar vortexes are plasma vortexes that form around the North and South poles. The North polar vortex of a person who is standing would be facing the sky and the South polar vortex would be facing the ground.

Absorption of Super Particles

Charged particles in an ionized environment have a tendency to follow magnetic field lines. If the path of the particle is at an angle, i.e. neither parallel nor perpendicular to the magnetic field lines, the particle will spiral around the magnetic field lines using a helical path. If the particle's path is parallel (i.e. 0 degrees) to the magnetic field line it will move along the magnetic field line like beads on a string. If the particle's path is perpendicular (i.e. 90 degrees) to the field line it will circumambulate around the field lines. Most particles, however, would come in at an angle between 0 and 90 degrees and hence would follow a helical path. When the particles plunge they collide with other particles in the ovoid (the "atmosphere" of the bioplasma body), generating a light phenomenon similar to the auroras in the atmosphere at Earth's magnetic poles.

As the magnetic field density increases, the radius of the spiral or the "gyro radius" reduces and the velocity decreases (due to the loss in kinetic energy), in accordance with the formula R = mv/Bq that shows that R, the gyro radius, is proportional to the velocity 'v' and inversely proportional to the strength of the B-field. This process will generate a helical path that will have a cone shape when viewed from the side, with the apex of the cone meeting the surface of the bioplasma body. Dynamically, this can be described as a vortex. Since there are many particles streaming down into the bioplasma body, taking slightly different trajectories, smaller vortexes can also appear within a large vortex. Experimental metaphysicist Barbara Brennan has observed that within each chakra there are also small rotating vortexes spinning at very high rates.

Impact of Super particles on Surface of Bioplasma Body

When the particle reaches the bioplasma body, which is much denser than the rest of the ovoid, it impacts the surface of the body at supersonic speeds, producing 3-dimensional shock waves which generate Mach cones. The impact generates circular wave fronts that radiate out from the point of impact (forming a "wave train") and also straight lines from the center to the circumference (like spokes on a wheel). This is similar to what happens when a meteoroid smashes into the surface of the Moon causing impact craters which show similar features. It will exhibit circular wave fronts (which generate concentric circular mountain ranges) and bright streaks of materials (often called "rays") which radiate out from the centre. These impact features are also seen when a bullet hits the windscreen of a car. After impact, the particle is absorbed into the bioplasma body.

These impact features are consistent with features observed by experimental metaphysicist Charles Leadbeater. Based on a scenario where the path of the particle is perpendicular to the surface of the bioplasma body (i.e. parallel to the magnetic field line), Leadbeater explains that the circular wave fronts are caused by secondary forces, as follows: "This divine energy, which pours into each center from without, sets up at right angles to itself secondary forces in undulatory circular motion…" This identifies the concentric circular waves that radiate out on impact which are at right angles to the trajectory of the incoming particle. He also identifies the orthogonal distribution of radiation energy from the centre as follows: "The primary force itself, having entered the vortex, radiates from it again at right angles, but in straight lines, as though the center of the vortex was [sic] the hub of a wheel, and the radiations of the primary force its spokes."

Bioplasma bodies are composed of complex plasma, also called dusty plasma, which consists of not only negative and positive particles, but also macroscopic dust particles. Scientific researchers found that Mach cones were produced when a particle was fired at dusty plasma at supersonic speeds. According to A Piel, longitudinal waves form circular wave-fronts with an orthogonal distribution of radiation energy in plasma crystals. Both these features, circular wave-fronts and spokes radiating out orthogonally from the centre, together with the shock wave that produces the Mach cone, are consistent with Leadbeater's observations.

Formation of Lateral Vortexes

Development of Other Magnetic Fields in the Perpendicular Direction

The current flows of pranic particles within the central vertical section of the bioplasma body are not entirely in one direction. Both kundalini and pranic particles can enter via the North and South poles. Hence, pranic particles can flow from the North pole to the South and also in the reverse direction. However, the current in the reverse direction will be weaker due to the preponderance of pranic particles in the North which generate repulsive forces. This means that the magnetic field generated by this reverse current will also be weaker than the magnetic field generated by the stronger current, flowing from the North pole to the South.

According to Biot-Savart law, two currents flowing in opposite directions will repel each other. Imagine two straight currents, flowing in opposite directions, emanating from the ground and extending upwards to a height of 1 meter, perpendicular to the ground. If you were looking down at it, you would see that the two loops of magnetic field lines actually form a dipole magnetic field perpendicular to the direction of the currents. Similarly, smaller magnetic fields, perpendicular to the central axial current and magnetic field, will develop. The axis of these magnetic fields will merge with the central axial magnetic field, forming nodes along the axis of the central axial magnetic field.

If the North pole of this smaller dipole magnetic field is on the front side of the bioplasma body, the South pole will be on the back side. A double-vortex system will eventually evolve when particles, taking helical paths, plunge-in at the North and South poles on the two broad sides of the bioplasma body. They will be transported in a flux tube after absorption to the node along the central vertical axial current.

The magnetic field lines will flare out of the North pole on the front broad side of the body, curve outwards and enter the South pole on the back side of the body. Hence, there will be field lines and field aligned currents circling the body in a plane perpendicular to the central vertical axial magnetic field and current. These lines would be analogous to the lines of latitude on a globe of the Earth.

Basket-like Network of Currents

We know that field lines emerge out of the North pole, curve downwards, and enter the South pole in a simple bar magnet. Inside the magnet, however, the field lines move upwards from the South pole to join the North pole. Hence, if there are field-aligned currents, the currents inside the magnet (in this case, inside the bioplasma body) will be opposite in direction to the field lines outside the magnet (in this case, outside the bioplasma body but still inside the ovoid). The lines from the central vertical magnetic field would flare out from the North pole, curve downwards and connect to the South pole. These lines would be analogous to the lines of longitude on a globe of the Earth.

With the criss-crossing of the analogous horizontal lines of latitude and vertical lines of longitude, the bioplasma body will possess a basket-like network of currents. This configuration of currents has been confirmed by experimental metaphysicist Barbara Brennan who notes, "The main vertical power current induces other currents at right angles to it to form golden streamers that extend directly from the body. These in turn induce other currents that circle around the field, so that the entire auric field and all the levels below it are surrounded and held within a basket-like network."

Formation of Vortexes connected to Central Vertical Currents

Super particles with a net magnetic polarity plunge into the ovoid, taking mainly helical paths. On impact with the surface of the bioplasma body, they generate impact features, similar to what has been described for the polar chakras, above.

On entry into the body, after impact, the particles migrate to the node along the central vertical pranic currents, generating over time, a flux tube between the point of impact and the node. This is consistent with experimental metaphysicists Leadbeater's observations, who noted, "Though the mouth of the flower-like bell of the chakra is on the surface of the etheric body, the stem of the trumpet-like blossom always spring from a center in the spinal cord." The "flower-like bell" is the vortex (with its apex situated on the surface of the bioplasma body at the point of impact and its broad end facing the environment) and the "stem" is the flux tube connecting the point of impact on the surface of the bioplasma body to the node along the central vertical pranic currents. This configuration is confirmed by Brennan who notes, "Their tips point into the main vertical power current and their open ends extend to the edge of each layer of the field they are located in." This is shown in the diagram below:

Chakra System

Based on the above analysis the "chakra system" has four components:

a. The vortex generated by the particles taking helical paths. This produces the cone structure;

b. The impact basin which is produced by the particle when it impacts the surface of the (relatively) dense bioplasma body.

c. The flux tube (or "stem") that connects the impact basin to the node.

d. The node along the central vertical currents.

Actual Observations

Many of the diagrams in the metaphysical literature are idealized and highly symmetric to aid understanding. Actual observations may not reveal such "perfect" configurations due to a number of complications, as discussed below.

Superposition of Vortex on Mach Cone

Two features have been discussed above. Firstly, the formation of helical trajectories by super particles which generates a vortex, prior to reaching the surface of the bioplasma body, and secondly, the impact features on the surface of the body that are generated when the super particle impacts the surface of the bioplasma body. Experimental metaphysicists who observe chakras from the front side of the body will observe a complicated pattern with the helical pattern superimposed on the impact features. It will be like seeing a pattern at the bottom of a pool through a vortex on the surface of the water. Hence, the images from this view may be fragmented and radially distorted.

Warped Magnetic Field Lines

Magnetic field lines trapped within the bioplasma may be dragged or twisted due to various forces within the bioplasma. The usual diagrams in the metaphysical literature of structures within the subtle bioplasma body are idealized and show much more symmetry than would be actually observed in an average person. The actual field lines and field-aligned currents (known generally as meridians or nadis in the metaphysical literature and Birkeland currents in plasma metaphysics) may frequently be warped and filamentary.

Skewed Impact Basins

The symmetry of an impact crater depends on the angle of impact of the projectile that formed it. Craters produced by an impact that is normal to the surface tend to be radially symmetric. However, most impact craters are produced by projectiles with trajectories that are oblique to the surface and produce craters which are not radially symmetric. Since super particles have the highest probability of impacting the surface of the bioplasma body between 0 and 90 degrees, the impact basins on the surface of the bioplasma body would generally be somewhat skewed and only in rare occasions be radially symmetric.

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